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September, 2014

Daring! TV Channel Is Rebranding For A Second Time To Private TV

January, 2014

Private Spice Channel Gets A Rebranding To Brazzers TV Europe

October, 2010

Daily Programme Listings For Daring! TV Added To Ultimatetvguide

    Classy adult channel Daring! TV has taken over from XXX Extreme and now appears as a prime adult offering in a number of packages on various satellites across Europe. We have now added Daring! TV to our regular listings. Check them out Daring! TV guide

December, 2009

TV Cabo Swap Venus TV For Channel Hot

    TV Cabo has replaced Argentine based channel Venus with a new adult channel called Hot. We have now added Hot TV to our regular listings. Check them out Hot TV Guide

June, 2008

Dorcel TV Added To Our Adult Listings

    French producer/director Marc Dorcel is known for producing some of the classiest and hottest porn in Europe. We have now added Dorcel TV to our regular listings. Check them out Dorcel TV Guide

The End Of Multivision Pay-Per-View

    Multivision PPV channels have ceased broadcasting as of June 2, 2008. Customers of the merged French Canalsat and TPS package now get their pay-per-view from the existing A La Carte channels on Astra. See our listings for A La Carte PPV.

January, 2007

Canal Digital Shut Up Shop On Kiosk

    Scandinavian broadcaster Canal Digital has ceased transmission of its pay-per-view movie service Kiosk from January 3, 2007. Falling orders have seen the company take the decision to use the former ppv transponder capacity for planned extra main package channels expected to be added in coming months.

Mediapark/Tueve Cable Uplink Moves From Hispasat

    The Mediapark/Tueve cable uplink, which includes the popular nightly XXX channel Canal 18, has left Hispasat and moved to PAS 3R at 43W. It has also changed its encryption system from nagravision to irdeto 2.

July, 2006

Full X Channels Stop Broadcasting Following Court Case

    FullX 1-3 channels have abruptly stopped broadcasting following a decision in the French courts over the channel owners finances. The company have released the following statement: "Further to a decision (Ordonnance) dated 18/07/06 by the commercial court of Marseille (tribunal de commerce de Marseille) notifying Nedersat company that 'Neotion company considers that the contract between them has been terminated', as such Nedersat Company will temporarily be unable to broadcast Full X TV channels."

April, 2006

Spice Platinum Becomes Private Spice TV

    Spice Platinum has been rebranded to Private Spice TV, merging Spice Platinum's popular brand of predominantly British-produced hardcore programming with many of the top titles from famed European hardcore content supplier Private.
    As ever ultimatevguide.com has all the daily program schedules for this new adult channel for you. Keep up-to-date with daily program listings for Private Spice TV   Private Spice TV Guide

November, 2005

Private Gold Becomes Hustler TV

    The long-running and popular European adult channel Private Gold has been re-branded to Hustler TV. Hustler TV, part of the Larry Flynt empire, will transmit high quality adult entertainment featuring many of the biggest names in porn. Besides producing its own output, Hustler took control of the legendary VCA Pictures adult studio in 2004. It also has exclusive deals with Red Light District Video and Sex-Z Pictures, with all new releases from these studios being exclusive to Hustler TV.
    As ever ultimatevguide.com has all the daily program schedules for this new adult channel for you. Keep up-to-date with daily program listings for Hustler TV Hustler TV Guide

May, 2005

Hot Summer Ahead For UK Adult TV Regulators?

    The recent proscribing of hardcore European broadcaster Exstasi in the UK for unsuitable adult content might suggest it is business as usual for attitudes to sex on TV within the strict UK regulatory regime, but many long-time observers of the situation in regard to adult broadcasting in the UK scent a distinct whiff of change in the air.
    Paul Tavener of ofwatch.org.uk, which has long campaigned for the interests of adult subscription service viewers in the UK, pointed ultimatetvguide to a recent interview he had with Tim Suter from Ofcom, the UK broadcasting standards watchdog. A decision on whether the UK will loosen its hardline stance to R18 content is expected this summer. No concrete decisions are made, but reading between the lines Paul thinks the omens look promising for change.
    The Ofcom content board and the Ofcom executive board have recently held detailed discussions over R18 broadcasting, Adult services and the Premium subscription watershed. "The notes and agenda from these board meetings don't usually reveal much, however it is interesting to see the tense that has been used when referring to R18 content: 'Under the current Broadcasting Code the transmission of such material on television was prohibited.' Shouldn't that have been 'is' prohibited?" notes Paul.
    A full transcript of his interview with Tim Suter of Ofcom can be read by clicking HERE. Many within the UK will follow the movements of the regulatory machine with great interest over the next few months.
    "As porn is so often at the forefront of technological advances expect to see major changes very soon. The regulatory Titanic has struck the Internet iceberg. On the surface everything remains calm and tranquil, but below decks water is pouring in. The regulators know that it won’t take long," argues Paul. At long last, he may well be right.

April, 2005

TPS Add Spice Platinum To Their Channel Line-Up

    French subscribers to TPS have been offered the option to add a little 24-hour XXX to their nightly Multivision PPV choice options. The 24-hour high quality XXX channel Spice Platinum, with a penchant for UK and European adult content, has been added to the package. It is already up and running in Viaccess 1 and 2 TPS idents ahead of an announced May 2 launch. Ultimatetvguide has daily listings, as ever, in the main adult TV guide.

January, 2005

Paris Hilton Makes It To Satellite

    Sexyhot viewers get something of a satellite exclusive this month with the airing of the infamous 'celebrity' heiress Paris Hilton doing her stuff in the home video that was a google search favourite for much of 2004. The video 'One Night In Paris' premieres on Sexyhot on Saturday, January 8 at 23.30 CET.

August, 2004

Demise of Ultra Blue TV

    Yes, one of the longest surviving adult TV channels, which has being knocking out a rich mix of varied adult programming for many years, has ceased to be ... it is an ex-adult channel. Ultra Blue customers are being compensated with a subscription card which gives them access to Don't Panic and 247 Sex TV. The swap is free for Ultra Blue subscribers who have had their current card for under three months, but will cost 40 or so euros for customers whose subscription has run longer. Both Don't Panic and 247 Sex TV can be found on the popular adult transponder at 12.092 Ghz on Hotbird.

July, 2004

Transponder Change For Canal 18

    Popular Spanish favourite Canal 18, which knocks out a lively three hardcore offerings per night on Hispasat, has moved. The channel can now be found at 11971V, SR-27500, FEC-3/4 on the 30W satellite.

April, 2004

A Double Dose Of Full-X

    Sharing a transponder with the God Channel, Full-X1 and its sister channel Full-X2 have now been pumping out an eclectic and decidely hot new choice to the adult subscription market for a couple of months. Full-X1 mixes it up with a random selection of programming, while Full-X2 concentrates on themed outputs (from exhibitionists to transsexuals) through various periods of each day. You can now find full daily listings for both channels in ultimatetvguide's main daily listings. Check out transponder details HERE and how to get yourself a sub for the two channel package HERE

March, 2004

Hopes High For Campaign To Bring Hardcore To UK Domestic TV

    Devoted fans of hardcore broadcasting in the UK have long thought themselves the poor men of Europe. Broadcasting regulations in the UK have always deemed the depiction of explicit sex between consenting adults a taboo for domestic audiences. Indeed, UK governments have a well-documented history of turning the screw on pan-European adult channels which attempted to bypass strict UK regulations by broadcasting by satellite from outside the UK. The bad old days of British politicians leaning on adult satellite channels like the old D2MAC Eurotica Channel have long since passed, however, and fans of adult TV can now legally obtain subscriptions to a veritable embarrassment of European-based hardcore adult fare. But a campaign continues strong to liberalise the rules for channels broadcasting adult content from within the UK itself.
    Ofwatch is an independent organisation that represents the interests of those who wish to see less censorship of UK subscription television services and who want to take more responsibility for their own viewing. Paul Tavener, who heads up the campaigning group, told ultimatetvguide that the signs are looking promising that the UK broadcast regulator will bring Britain in line with much of the rest of Europe (Norway is another non-hardcore exception) and allow hardcore on UK domestic subscription services at the end of this year.
    If you'd like to learn more about Ofwatch - which runs a lively website with much debate, letters and tips on how to get your opinion heard - you can pop over and pay a visit here: Ofwatch. Ultimatetvguide wishes them more power to their elbow.

January, 2004

Itchy Feet For FreeX TV

    The increasingly popular one-off purchase sub channel FreeX TV has been transponder moving on both Astra at 19 east and Hotbird. The latest in a series of moves sees the 24-hour channel move from 12226H to 10832H on Astra, and from 11137H to 12207H on Hotbird.

New Adult Channels Come to Hotbird

    The adult competition on Hotbird is about to get a little, um, stiffer. Three new hardcore content channels are due to launch shortly on the bird. All at present are there in promo format only. 247Sex TV has appeared on the old favourite adult transponder at 12.092 Ghz horizontal on Hotbird 2. No confirmed date on when they go to full encrypted programming is available at present. The channel will simulcrypt in Viaccess2 and Irdeto2 intially, with a promise of conax to follow. Subscriptions for 12 months are being sold at 99 euros, although a taster sub for the channel will be added to the on the way 'ultimate' cams, as part of a four adult channel deal. 247Sex promises a mix of English and foreign language films with content featuring straight, orgies, ebony, fetish, lesbian, inter-racial, anal and S/M.

    Another two hardcore channels have begun promo broadcasting on a Hotbird transponder shared with God TV. Full X-1 and Full X-2 promise a launch on January 17. They are touting a varied line-up, featuring everything from exhibitionism to transsexuals, and S/M to amateurs. The promo for them can be found on Hotbird at 12577H, SR 27500, FEC 3/4.

November, 2003

Little More Of What You Fancy From Multivision

    The French Multivision pay-per-view package has now extended its nightly adult output. Multivision 6 and 7 have begun airing after dark adult movies in addition to the long-established adult fare on Multivision 1 to 3. Vive la choix!

Transponder Change for FreeX

    FreeX have switched their transponder on Astra at 19 east. The channel can now be found on the same transponder as Austrian free-to-air grolch channel TV6 at 12227H.

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