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The Adult Channel

May 27

This Wednesday's programmes on The Adult Channel UK

All times in CET - remove one hour for UK time

Adult TV Guide

23:00 Freeview

23:10 UK Swinging Sexposed

23:34 Teen Vs Monster Cock

00:00 Freeview

00:10 XXX-Men: Magneto Vs Psylocke

00:41 MILFs Cheat With Black Meat

01:00 Freeview

01:10 Marino's MILF Castings

01:41 Young Harlots Sex Athletics

02:00 Freeview

02:10 Tough Fuckin' Bitches

02:30 Executive Affairs

02:49 Mums In Charge

03:09 Door To Door Rub And Tug

03:29 Slow And Sexy

03:49 Sugar Fuck Candy

04:09 Filthy Rich

04:30 World Cup UK Team Tits

04:50 A Week In Provence

05:08 Black Dicks & Small White Chicks

05:29 Taking It Interns

05:50 The Truth About Teens

06:08 Sperm Bank Deposit

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Adult TV Guide