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The Adult Channel

October 21

This Wednesday's programmes on The Adult Channel UK

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Adult TV Guide

23:00 Freeview

23:10 Bust Lust 3

23:36 Behind The Curtain

00:00 Freeview

00:10 Devious Wives

00:36 The Agency

01:00 Freeview

01:10 Bust Lust 3

01:35 Academy Of Kink: Uniforms

02:00 Freeview

02:10 Anal Debuts

02:32 Male Stripper Fucks Sexy Cab Driver

02:54 All-Mums.Com

03:16 Home Sweet Hoe

03:33 Infiltrating A Porn Star's Wet Anus

03:55 Petite Student With Hairy Pussy

04:17 Ghetto Chix & Posh Lixxx

04:36 Fuck Me Earthling

06:06 Amateur British Housewives

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Adult TV Guide