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The Adult Channel

October 25

This Sunday's programmes on The Adult Channel TV schedule

All times in CET - remove one hour for UK time

Adult TV Guide

23:00 Freeview

23:10 Model Behaviour

23:24 Rooting For The Right Team

23:39 The Bitchy Babysitter

00:00 Freeview

00:10 Front Page Fucking

00:29 Sink The Pink

00:45 Pink And Plump

01:00 Freeview

01:10 Fade To Black

01:35 Ladies Of The Night

02:00 Freeview

02:10 Oktoberfucked

02:33 God Save The Kink

02:55 Den Of Depravity

03:18 Between A Cock And A Hard Place

03:41 The Cult

04:04 Girls On The Clock

04:21 Preach To The Perverted

04:43 UK Swinging Sexposed

05:06 Turning On His Girlfriend's Mum

05:28 Au Pairs

05:50 Villa Toscana

06:07 Rural Affairs

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Adult TV Guide